Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Oil our friend?

A while ago I was reading the New York Times who had an article about the "instability of oil". The article gave completely valid reasons quoted by a lot of "knowledgeable people". Yet, at the end, the general impression I received reading this article was "oil has always been unstable". Simple as this, I do not think so.

So, here is my unknowledgeable, uninformed, not paid for "idea".

What if this is a form of terrorism? What a strange idea, something that could hurt a mass of economies? An action or inaction of selling an item that the world depends on for manufacturing, the primary source of transportation for people and goods? This item "oil" influences the environment, the development of countries, everything actually.

Does anyone think beyond the end of their nose? Now don't get me wrong if this idea has been out there in a books, articles, or on the so called 'nightly news" I obviously am not trying to plagiarize. I just have never heard this idea truly explored in my small, small world about this potential, probable correlation.

But, how interesting that the worlds main focus on curtailing terrorism, is to hunt down terrorists, by trying to stop the selling of guns and drugs. Which I think is necessary action by trying to thwart their activities and (in worse case scenario invade other nations.)

What a strategy though. Simple math, supply and demand. Every time the Terrorists need a new supply of guns, recruits, they make sure the demand for gas and oil prices grow higher, as far as need and results in climbing prices. There for every time we pick up the key we are contributing to potentially Terrorism. What am I saying? I just say the idea is food for thought.

Have you ever started a Sour Dough Starter? There are prime ingredients.
Flour and water and grapes if you are a purist. Flour, yeast and water if you are like most of the world.
You start with warm water, flour and a small amount, a very small amount of yeast.
You mix and let the world of micro organisms do the rest.
So, with terrorism, you have a mass of poor, non represented people, and multitude of issues and a passionate leader to tell them "how bad is the rest of the world".
So, this is a perfect sourdough starter. It starts out not stable, not very strong and with passion of dedication to feed and concentrated effort to provide opportunity to use, it becomes a powerful force to change the flavor of the world with just a drop here and there.

So, back to "But what if an act of terrorism was as simple as just "destabilizing the oil industry" or for us just raising the price of gasoline?

Look at the world in the last 30 years.

This makes sense to me.

A party of one.

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