Friday, November 19, 2010

Bug on a Rug

did you see the bug on the rug
i said to my mom
as i sat on the step
in the lawn
she laughed
at me and said
very seriously
there is no rug
in the grass

i giggled at her
as i sat on my step
looking down on the ground
of grass

putting my hands
to surround the bug
a gate he did
not realize
had fenced him in

i smiled
up at mommy
and said
can he jump

and once again
she looked at me
and questioned
where do you
think he will go

to the invisible
bug on the

dedicated to the Sophia in my life who loves bugs grammy

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Monday, November 15, 2010

To Houses Everywhere

I thought I would dedicate this to all houses who raised Families everywhere, remembering what they see and hold in their walls are memories created by you and me and that time cannot erase.

We built you in a spirit of harmony, a place to raise a family. We struggled, we laughed, we dreamed.
A house is built, a home is created and forever people will be confused by the choice of what they say, because almost everyone I know has a house but never had a home to call their own.

Crayon pictures hang on the walls...
Tiny hand prints with a name lay in cement...
Trees, planted for a promise of picnics in the shade...
And Flowers are picked for dandelion bouquets...

We opened windows to let the summer in.
And to let the dog know there is an outside world.
There were snowman made to let winter we understood.
The scarecrow in the front yard welcomed the fall.
And the spring gave birth to birds nestled in our trees.

One day you walked down the driveway to leave
On a big yellow bus and I cried to see go.
Once, You packed your bags when deciding you had enough of me.
On that summer day I laughed but the house wept.
But what the house did not know, unlike me
this was still your home and you could walk away,
Knowing there would always be a piece of me with you

That house saw tears, and picture promises of love...
But most of all that house became me.
And so sometimes we go away.
But that does not mean,
What we lived had no value.
Or we lost our respect for what we struggled so for.
It just means sometimes,
The home we had became a house.
Somehow, We have to say goodbye to dreams
And life tells us that it is time to let Go.....

All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009-2010 unless otherwise stated.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Detroit, I say the name and I want to put it to the new music I hear when a commercial says “New York” like a one syllable word made into two.

We in the Midwest have an amazing opportunity to make this city, a rock and roll place to be. The repercussions could be unbelievable, it could help Toledo and Cleveland aka Ohio.
It could be a renaissance for Michigan.

Ok, I want to be a little apolitical for a moment. I want to speak as an American. We all can be unhappy about who is elected or not elected but the important thing we should be unhappy about in this United States of America, is money gets attention. Unfortunately, this fact while true is our fault. We, us the people need to be informed and educate ourselves about what happens in the big D.C. and if we do not we will be willing victims to a future without a vision.
So, what am I saying, support who got elected by making them answer questions, make sure their actions are helping the little people as well as the big people or the haves, very small minority and have nots, growing larger by the day.

We recently elected a new Governor in Ohio who has a vision
This man will either serve 4 or 8 years, good things can happen and devastating things can happen and they will far out live this mans term in office. I wish him luck because I also am from Ohio and will reap what he decides to sow.

So, just to let you know in the following Sundays for a very long time I will be showcasing Detroit, learning about Detroit and hoping someone listens and a vision is realized.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sentimental Saturday

So, I looked into the rocks of sand
Now all combined into something strong
I cannot break but before
I could walk and leave a print
A momentary sign I had been
A print to link me to you
A print of me
And so on my desk I see
A statue carved of you
A small piece of you and me
Linked by love
A sign
I see the small orange
Tomatoes falling gracefully
Off the stem
Rolling here and there
Waiting for someone to pick
Them up
So I picked up a photo of me
And I wonder where did she go
And how did I lose the glow
That circle of a ring now split
Never protected me
Love did not last
Only a heartbreak
Surrounded by
Rocks and sand

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Alice, Cinde and Snow

What these three women did not know, as they climbed aboard this bus down memory lane, is they all had
a common link and the direction of the next years of their lives
would be to unravel that precarious thread.
How it would haunt and
distract their days fostering nighttime dreams and eventually overpower their lives.
Today, they would be turning
down an untraveled road and all of the fears
they had so carefully hidden
would now be like a neon sign,
flashing for all of the world to see.
Only a person, whose heart had been torn
and broken into so many pieces they can never be recovered,
could ever understand.

To be cont.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Alice, Cinde and Snow

Alice, already felt intimidated looking into the eyes of Cinde and Snow, her hands rough from endless gardening. Long days in the sun created a weathered effect on her exposed skin and her long hair with the blonde-grey streaks as if paints were fighting for the colors in a flag.

Cinde, felt totally together in a quiet little black dress, her blonde hair color created by the sun in a bottle. There seemed to be a confidence that her face portrayed and her body language fought.

Snow, on the other hand actually did not see the other women in front of her, as if they had no recognition then they had no relevance.
Yes, she was very striking, dark hair,very short that was totally flattering as it waved around her face accented with a few totally out of control strands. Large, dark eyes full of emotion and passion.
You could feel the pull of this woman, as if a train would stop and wait for her on any platform, full of charisma.

Of the three woman, Snow, was a force to be reckoned with.

Suddenly Alice felt as if some crumbles of dirt still clung to her shoes, like she was leaving a trail of drops from invisible chocolate chip cookies for the mice to follow her home.
Cinde, though confident longed to always have the feeling, as if turning to look into a mirror her reflection would outshine all.
While Snow, the queen bee of all as far as she was concerned, was pondering her next entertainment theme, maybe a golden honey tone to set the mood.

to be cont.
All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009 unless otherwise stated.

Monday, November 1, 2010


if i give you air
would you breathe
if i share my love
will you understand
and if i smile
will your tears cease to be

take my fingers
and entwine them in yours
let me lead you
to the place where
we can walk together

match my steps
but let your thoughts
roam as a mustang

i view you from afar
no matter how close we are
yet, you still make me,
make me want to love you
remember your breath
understand your pain

All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009 unless otherwise stated.