Sunday, November 14, 2010


Detroit, I say the name and I want to put it to the new music I hear when a commercial says “New York” like a one syllable word made into two.

We in the Midwest have an amazing opportunity to make this city, a rock and roll place to be. The repercussions could be unbelievable, it could help Toledo and Cleveland aka Ohio.
It could be a renaissance for Michigan.

Ok, I want to be a little apolitical for a moment. I want to speak as an American. We all can be unhappy about who is elected or not elected but the important thing we should be unhappy about in this United States of America, is money gets attention. Unfortunately, this fact while true is our fault. We, us the people need to be informed and educate ourselves about what happens in the big D.C. and if we do not we will be willing victims to a future without a vision.
So, what am I saying, support who got elected by making them answer questions, make sure their actions are helping the little people as well as the big people or the haves, very small minority and have nots, growing larger by the day.

We recently elected a new Governor in Ohio who has a vision
This man will either serve 4 or 8 years, good things can happen and devastating things can happen and they will far out live this mans term in office. I wish him luck because I also am from Ohio and will reap what he decides to sow.

So, just to let you know in the following Sundays for a very long time I will be showcasing Detroit, learning about Detroit and hoping someone listens and a vision is realized.

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