Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sentimental Saturday

So, I looked into the rocks of sand
Now all combined into something strong
I cannot break but before
I could walk and leave a print
A momentary sign I had been
A print to link me to you
A print of me
And so on my desk I see
A statue carved of you
A small piece of you and me
Linked by love
A sign
I see the small orange
Tomatoes falling gracefully
Off the stem
Rolling here and there
Waiting for someone to pick
Them up
So I picked up a photo of me
And I wonder where did she go
And how did I lose the glow
That circle of a ring now split
Never protected me
Love did not last
Only a heartbreak
Surrounded by
Rocks and sand

All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009 unless otherwise stated.

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