Saturday, November 6, 2010

Alice, Cinde and Snow

Alice, already felt intimidated looking into the eyes of Cinde and Snow, her hands rough from endless gardening. Long days in the sun created a weathered effect on her exposed skin and her long hair with the blonde-grey streaks as if paints were fighting for the colors in a flag.

Cinde, felt totally together in a quiet little black dress, her blonde hair color created by the sun in a bottle. There seemed to be a confidence that her face portrayed and her body language fought.

Snow, on the other hand actually did not see the other women in front of her, as if they had no recognition then they had no relevance.
Yes, she was very striking, dark hair,very short that was totally flattering as it waved around her face accented with a few totally out of control strands. Large, dark eyes full of emotion and passion.
You could feel the pull of this woman, as if a train would stop and wait for her on any platform, full of charisma.

Of the three woman, Snow, was a force to be reckoned with.

Suddenly Alice felt as if some crumbles of dirt still clung to her shoes, like she was leaving a trail of drops from invisible chocolate chip cookies for the mice to follow her home.
Cinde, though confident longed to always have the feeling, as if turning to look into a mirror her reflection would outshine all.
While Snow, the queen bee of all as far as she was concerned, was pondering her next entertainment theme, maybe a golden honey tone to set the mood.

to be cont.
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