Monday, November 15, 2010

To Houses Everywhere

I thought I would dedicate this to all houses who raised Families everywhere, remembering what they see and hold in their walls are memories created by you and me and that time cannot erase.

We built you in a spirit of harmony, a place to raise a family. We struggled, we laughed, we dreamed.
A house is built, a home is created and forever people will be confused by the choice of what they say, because almost everyone I know has a house but never had a home to call their own.

Crayon pictures hang on the walls...
Tiny hand prints with a name lay in cement...
Trees, planted for a promise of picnics in the shade...
And Flowers are picked for dandelion bouquets...

We opened windows to let the summer in.
And to let the dog know there is an outside world.
There were snowman made to let winter we understood.
The scarecrow in the front yard welcomed the fall.
And the spring gave birth to birds nestled in our trees.

One day you walked down the driveway to leave
On a big yellow bus and I cried to see go.
Once, You packed your bags when deciding you had enough of me.
On that summer day I laughed but the house wept.
But what the house did not know, unlike me
this was still your home and you could walk away,
Knowing there would always be a piece of me with you

That house saw tears, and picture promises of love...
But most of all that house became me.
And so sometimes we go away.
But that does not mean,
What we lived had no value.
Or we lost our respect for what we struggled so for.
It just means sometimes,
The home we had became a house.
Somehow, We have to say goodbye to dreams
And life tells us that it is time to let Go.....

All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009-2010 unless otherwise stated.

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