Sunday, July 19, 2009

falling trees

so like the tree
i fall and the space
has been filled
do i crush you
do i do i do i

and the water pulls me away
the sun dries my tears
the limbs cannot break my fall
the leaves are gone
the other trees laugh
at me
knowing i have fallen for you
knowing i love you
knowing i miss you
the stones hurt
they hold back a force
so great so small
they know about loss
they know the hardness of love

i have fallen
and cannot move
i am swept away
i break apart
i lose myself in the moment
i do i do i do

All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009 unless otherwise stated.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fridays are for food.

so today i am just getting to know the people that hopefully will read me by letting them understand how my mind thinks

I want to journal life as it happens.
I am in the process of thinking about the effort of losing weight.
I say this because the desire is strong, the body is obviously needy and I am willing to experiment on a anxious subject, me.
I have for several months been trying to establish contact with my mind.
I am trying to develop a permanent movie where as I do not fight continuously with the established lines of reaction to life with food.
Change in direction seems to be most impossible.
I do not want to change me only the method of madness in addressing the way
I let food effect my life.
Maybe I should have mentioned this at the beginning but I love food and I love to cook food.
Cooking makes me feel whole.
I confess I am making Oatmeal cookies today, a new recipe I am trying to work out.
And as I was chopping the walnuts, then gathering them up with both hands it was like taking a wave from the ocean there is no other way to describe this feeling of connection.
Last night my younger daughter wanted cobbler and this was after I got home from work very late at night.
So, how do you make peach cobbler with two very ripe, peaches. I had been letting them mature and they did but what to do? So, not very original I added raspberries and made up a new cobber dough and it turned out very nicely.
The idea is if something is very good you really do not need a lot because of the intenseness of the flavor it satisfies.
So, that after all these years the old adage quality versus quantity is still valid.
Today I guess the moral of my attempt to change is really, really appreciate what I am eating and maybe the desire of more will become a permanent less.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

this is my first blog.
I am using it to make me
finish something else or
maybe reverse psychology,
start what i need to complete.

So, what ever i say is not meant
to be inflammatory
but thoughtful,
and to be considered
potentially by

Come visit
and hopefully feel
not so alone,
a link of
a thought,
an idea, some
and potentially
a picture of
a blueberry.