Friday, October 15, 2010

Fridays are food for thought.

It is fall and there is no way to avoid winter, so I take a deep breath and realize the continuation is a constant. We may feel life is hurrying us along but we are merely reflected by what we deem important which eats up our time. So, when we lay out the dinner table is it full of junk food, activities that do not relax us, and events that create stress? Do we serve banquets to our soul or do we deny its right to a life enriched by family, loyal friends and people who will reach out when needed?
Is there enough light to distinguish what we should have gotten rid of and something new that will give more adventures and create memories not to forget. Is our table filled with familiar faces or empty chairs? So, bring in something green, something blue, something orange. Give someone a chance to feed your knowledge, share your food and give of yourself.

Walking through the leaves
Blowing here and there
I hear the crunch as the moisture
Has long left
And sometimes I slip on the leaves
Still full of color and life
having lost their hold
floating to the floor of the earth
A final hurrah
Colors I am inspired to combine
Smells linger reminding me of something impossible
To bring inside with me
Feelings erupting and like random placement of leaves
No place to contain them
I cannot decorate to liken my life as a natural being
I reach to touch the wind
To bring fresh air letting me breathe

Listen to Amos Lee "Arms of a Woman"

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