Friday, October 29, 2010

Alice, Cinde and Snow Post -Princesses

Once upon a time there were three girls named Alice, Cinda, and Snow. They lived as little girls do dreaming dreams and making up wishes with lives filled with lots of puppy dogs kisses and then they grew up.

One day Alice looked into her garden and saw there were moles eating her plants and creating little holes everywhere. What was she to do she spent so much time creating a fairyland garden maybe to replace the life that was not so magic. What happened she thought?
Sipping her tea she reflected with this question “Was there a different path I should have ventured down?”

Cinde was cleaning everything sparkling and as she looked around she felt complete. Everything in its place but suddenly there was nothing else to do, all of her tasks were complete and she felt lost. All at once a thought occurred to her, what else in her life was there but cleaning and waiting on others? When and where did her dreams disappear to?

Snow was always busy spinning in circles and thinking of parties she was planning to have. What would she serve, who would she invite? Would she have it in the garden and what sort of theme would it be? The exciting part of a party was in the planning, she loved this part of the process. One day she could find no reason to have a party and it struck her the focus of her life was wrapped in a series of planning a future but never living in the present.

So, as luck would have it the three women met at a bus stop.
Alice was carrying a bouquet of flowers, Cinde was loaded down with dry cleaning and other odds and ends, and Snow was busy on her cell phone making calls about a party that there was no reason to have. The three women filled with their own concerns found themselves staring at the others until all were filled with silent observation.
to be cont.

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