Thursday, October 21, 2010

Innovation Thursday!

I was thinking while gone for a few days some ideas for entrepreneurs to take and run with.

Remember the old "Sit and Spin" my kids loved it!

1. Now let us have the "Sit and See" located in Sofa's and Chair's; a small box linked to the remote to turn on the TV. What does this do, never having to shout, look for, or sit on the remote again. Plus, wasted electricity down on, up off. They could be as elaborate as your cell phone only on the side of your current mode of leisure.

2. "A pad to translate information from a computer," ex; like a recipe, a draft of information from the library.
It would be like an etch a sketch, information temporarily used. No ink wasted, no paper wasted. less wasted electricity. This would not be about accessing online, only transmitting information from different sources. Plug in and transfer. Scan and transfer. The idea is temporary information easily accessed and disposed of. Think of the ramifications, top secret ideas all deleted with a swipe or sweep of the screen. Non, new word "photoable" glass so no information leaks. Think about notes taken at meetings, information distributed from meetings, booklets of changes in procedure, how much is wasted for the landfills. Ok entrepreneurs, of the USA, it is up to you.

Enough for this week. I just wanted to say, a weekend ago a few of our family went to Washington D.C.. We were treated wonderfully and had an amazing time at our Nation's capitol.
I will say the White House does not look as big as I thought. The city was much cleaner than I thought it would be. I always knew how lucky I was to be an American but I also realize every day we all take certain liberties for granted and sometimes do not show respect. We may not appreciate who is representing us but the office is only as good or as involved as we as American's choose to be. We can all throw stones but all that does is break windows. Then we have to buy new windows. Our thoughtlessness in this realm is ineffective, we must have the courage of our convictions and choose to work through the system instead of against it. Have courage, be brave, if you are the only one on the path, it only means others have not caught on or they have.

I am hungry for liberty for all.

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