Monday, April 9, 2012

not finished

what is tough?
It describes a circumstance
One would not want to go through
Inedible meat

Tough means callous
It means brutality
Take no prisoners
Being a bully
Making decisions that usually
Hurt someone

Sometimes being the good guy
Is stepping back
But how far do you step back
Until there is no ground
For you to stand on

How can you love others
Yet, always want life
To reflect only you

I used to say “do not
Harden a heart”
That does not mean
Someone will not love you
It only means that
It makes it harder
To forgive and go on

When someone says I am strong
It is because they have developed
Character from what they have gone through
Compassion and Understanding
Are the rewards
Strength comes from endurance
From loving and being loved
For appreciation of life

If one has to fight too hard
For love and life choices
Even if it does happen
Bitterness like
A fallen bloom
negates the happiness

Remorse, sadness
They are like a
Small twister

Sometimes it is just

All art and verbiage are @ olives and you 2009-2012 unless otherwise stated.

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