Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the mustard seed

She stumbled trying to catch up with him
This lonely figure she loved so
And her memories seemed so far away
The good the bad
The others making her feel, something new
Because for long she had been so numb
Pain a friend she wanted to lose
And smile again at the stranger
Of happiness, someone she knew she
Had forgotten how to say “hello” to
The path had got so crazy
Negativity seemed a relative
That refused to stop knocking at the door
Of life
She saw the blue skies every day
And bathed in the sun every chance she could
But could not absorb what she knew was
A walk to ruins instead of hope
So one day she spelled faith and grabbed
A mustard seed and said she would apply that little
Small grain, a truth of hope, and a chance for life
Ills to subside and not hide

All art and verbiage are @ olives and you 2009-2012 unless otherwise stated.

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