Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the Ring

She TAKEs the circle so twisted on her finger
And it hurts to remove because
The skin of love has been removed
The blood from pain, lost opportunities
Expose the veins and all of the waiving trees look mockingly
The leaves seemingly scream With Regret
Loves strife with no guarantees.

All of a sudden, a fighters ring appears
the gloves have been removed
And armor hearts appear to hang from no where.
ropes appear to have the eyes of a child
Who hears the tirades you so arrogantly support,
With your unsound advice.
Slowly, the fighter, she falls.
No hand from you, to soften the impending blow
Just your jeers of how you have to be. Right.
The hearts keep swinging, trying to steal
The life.
But, are you as right, when you trample the
Dreams of others?
Destruction has been always with you.

giving advice, seems so noble to others.
Yet, the epitome of life says liar.
The clouds are lined with your
Untested opinions, challenging all
The beliefs, with a causticness that is
As thick as the slur of your tongue,
With no libation in sight to numb
The pain imposed by ignorant gnomes’.

All art and verbiage are @ olives and you 2009-2012 unless otherwise stated.

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