Thursday, February 2, 2012

a small change

I breath with the light
Streams flowing around me
I know we as mankind are
Destructive, selfish, blind.
We are so ignorant it is
Unimaginable and often
The messengers turn out to
Be people who actually believe
In something bigger than themselves.
But they are so small minded they cannot
Imagine what is not yet believe
In someone they cannot prove nor need to.
Why do they continue to destroy
This earth? Why do they not fight
For the children that already are?
Why do they chastise all but who
Think as they think?
I think, because they know there
Is an ending and they are content
To not fight for the future of mankind.
Just selfishly use our world as
Theirs, just not realizing they
As we will be given a verdict
For what we did not do or care
To protect.
Earth day is coming, no matter
Who you are, where you live,
Or what you believe
You are responsible
For the world as it unfolds.

All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009-2012 unless otherwise stated.

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