Friday, February 17, 2012

limited vision

I glance up to see the line of light below
Knowing the shade will prevail
The birds are gone for the day
Their white breasts glowing from afar
Facing the sun absorbing the limited heat
I am drawn to the water rippling
Below the sun drenched limbs.
And yet, the areas denied the brightness
Are what make me looker higher.
As if I too, can be apart of the warmth

The fir is almost laying on its side
Totally immersed in shade
The limbs still move with the air
Hanging on to the dirt in an
Extreme effort to live

We have today
Why do we fail to recognize
The importance of holding on
Resisting the temptation of forcing
Others to be victim of a concentrated
Effort of being subdued.

All art and verbiage are @ olives and you 2009-2012 unless otherwise stated.

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