Monday, December 12, 2011

realizations unrealized

i dream, i frown and i wander
a voiceless answer, if i think misery,
and worry about horrible circumstances
i check the weather to see what will be

if i call and there is no return
if i cry and my tears are alone
what can i create to show my hurt
i can mix the colors but there is no depth
no mountain to see the drop

i visulize my thoughts hoping the universe tells me
i imagine, based on reality. i take your face,
trace your expressions in my memory
i listen to words stated so casually
revealing the black soul fostering the hardened heart
the desire to win when there is no battle

a blue sky travels fleetingly
indicates this is another time, no marks for wasting
do not play this game, because no one wins

i cannot absorb others
tiny signs reminding me of love
allow for sanity
to realize the nowness

All art and verbiage are © olives and you 2009-2011 unless otherwise stated.

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